NM Dallas Down Trunk Show

  1. SA sent these to me, enjoy it.
    trunk 1.jpg trunk 2.jpg trunk 3.jpg trunk 4.jpg trunk 5.jpg
  2. More:
    trunk 6.jpg trunk 7.jpg trunk 8.jpg trunk 9.jpg trunk 10.jpg
  3. some more:
    trunk 11.jpg trunk 12.jpg trunk 13.jpg trunk 14.jpg trunk 15.jpg
  4. OOOOOH that third one on the top row, is that the fabric one!? I saw it at the Boutique in the small size and I was dying for it to come in a bigger size! I looove it! Details please!
  5. and some more:
    trunk 16.jpg trunk 17.jpg trunk 19.jpg trunk 20.jpg trunk 21.jpg
  6. thanks for sharing!
  7. a few more:
    trunk 22.jpg trunk 23.jpg trunk 24.jpg trunk 25.jpg trunk 26.jpg
  8. almost done:
    trunk 27.jpg trunk 28.jpg trunk 29.jpg trunk 30.jpg trunk 31.jpg
  9. great~~~~~~~~~~thanks for pics
  10. Anyone know the style of the first bag? The brown one??
  11. ^ from the second row?
  12. Oh who is your SA in Dallas? I have used Jessica but dying for one with an email!
  13. [​IMG]

    Shoot me now!
  14. Thanks for the pics!!!
  15. Thanks for pictures.