NM.COM has a brown Sloane

  1. NM has a brown Sloane available. When I talked to a sa at BV they said a dark brown was available and the color was called "Morro". Do you think this is that color? This one looks more like haszelnut but its listed on the website as "brown".
  2. ^^ This is Noce. Moro is a deep dark brown that is almost black (like 80% dark bitter choc). It's like a cross between Ebano and Nero. I have seen the Sloane in Moro. The deep dark colour makes it look really rich and luscious.
  3. Looks like a Noce - hazelnut to me! :yes:

    Moro is a really really dark brown, even darker than a regular Ebano, which looks almost black.
  4. Beautiful bag and beautiful everyday color!
  5. I agree that this bag looks like Noce. this color seems to get the biggest variety of "names" from different vendors.

    As everyone said, Moro is brown/black. I like the description as bittersweet chocolate! Yum!
  6. OMG~Gorgeous bag....:dothewave: