NM color is sunflower???

  1. I just ordered a bag from the NM designer sale this week for 30% off, NM is calling the color sunflower. It is the Chloe Paddy front pocket satchel. Do you have any idea what the actual Chloe color might be?
  2. it's yellow. i tried it on at BG and that bag in that particular color is TDF!!!! congrats! I don't want to say the color is Jaune, i didn't look at the tag... but it's a nice neutral yellow. Girl, you are on a ROLL!
  3. EEEEEEEEEEEK. I need to see it. I don't know of any yellow color except jeune. Thanks D&G
  4. no problem ReRE :heart: the front pocket paddy in yellow is TDF. When it's unstuffed, it slouches beautifully. I've been waiting for those to go on sale... but I'm on a paddy ban now LOL so I will be vicariously living through your paddy purchases.
  5. There is that color Mais. that's a yellow :nuts:
  6. Oh that's right!! Mais is the jaune, maybe a bit stronger/darker than the jaune but very similar :yes:
  7. Well its jaune and I thought I would be happy about that, but its much more goldy yellow than pale yellow. I think I would have been happier with the mais. I hate to return the bag because I got such a good deal, just wondering if Neiman's would do an even exchange for another color. I'd love to get taupe. I'm going to make a few calls.
  8. Does anyone have pics of sunflower?
  9. No, mais is a pale yellowish, beigey straw color. The jaune is more of a true mustardy yellow, but not real bright. (I have the large zippy in mais from diabro.net, and the jaune in the medium and the large zippy...)
  10. Do yopu have any pics beanie?
  11. i was looking for one since i just ordered a bag in that color...and found this link to a bag on bagborroworsteal.com just listed as yellow, but it's the bag i ordered so i'm assuming it's the right color...


    i'm getting it next week and can post my pics then:smile: