NM Christmas Book is Out Online

  1. Neiman Marcus: Christmas Book

    Hope this link works!!:yahoo: Disappointed with the lack of Chanel in it though.:sad:
  2. I haven't gotten mine yet. Is there any Chanel in it? For some reason the link isn't working for me :smile:
  3. Really? I thought I did it right. Sorry. They just had a new Chanel Table Book. I was disappointed.
  4. chanelbookNM.jpg
  5. OMG!!! Lovin those Manolo Blahnik boots.

    Gotta look at the rest of the book. BRB.
  6. The doggy pics are so cute, i love the frontier jacket. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Yes, the boots are killer. I LOVE boots but have so many that another pair would elicit this response from DH "we LIVE in FL honey." Where's a cold front when you need one? It's 90 here!