NM Chloes down to 60% off....

  1. Thanks green_eggs!
    The Betty is on BG also ......... saves most of us tax!
    The Tracy is on BG but not marked down as far as NM????
  2. Give it a few minutes or hours, I think they have the same inventory as NM.com.
  3. Thanks eucalyptic!
    Purse Ban in effect ........... LOL --- has anyone seen the Ivory Tracy?
  4. I saw it in Paris (same time I saw that large Whisky :sad:) and I ALMOST bought it then because it was sooooooooo pretty if only I didn't worry about getting it dirty. If you can get it for $620 at BG, go for it!!!
  5. I have seen it too. It is beautiful IRL. Not as white as it looks in the pictures--more creamy. It is also bigger than it looks.
  6. Thanks girls! It would be a great spring/summer bag. I will try BG, the NM is gone -- hope someone here got it!!
  7. Whow I love that betty, and such an amzing price, you're luck to live in the US!
  8. Congratulations to anyone who grabbed the Betty and Tracy!
  9. I was watching those for a long while. Hope a TPFer got 'em!
  10. Man I can't believe I missed out.... I was looking at the Edith Shopper all last week... then I come on here and see that they have been further reduced and they are all gone!

    I was wondering... If I saved the link and there is a return will it be updated and can I then buy it?
  11. I do think the link is the same if something is returned.
  12. Strange that the ivory tracy is still only 50 percent off on Bergdorf....
  13. even if I reload the link?

  14. For the longest time I've been watching this ivory Tracy, really liking the color. However I was perplexed the PTB never posted the dimensions. I called three times to get them and finally after about 3 weeks an SA called back to tell me (it is big plus the handles are only 6inches from the bag;thus an arm bag.).

    Anyway I called BG and asked if they would match the NM price and they said NO.

    Honestly if they said yes I was going to post it here. I really don't want an arm bag. Also you can have this purse stark ivory by removing the brown attachments!