NM Chloe Returns

  1. Just wanted to let all you Chloe fans know that I returned these two bags today!
    I ordered 4 Chloe sale bags from NM that were cancelled the next day. . . So I freaked out and started ordering anything that showed up. I ended up with too may bags. I returned the Edith bowler first and today I returned Edith tall satchel in whiskey and the Tracy in ivory. I suppose you will see those two in the site soon. I kept a Silverado Doctor Bag in metallic gold. It is my first Chloe and I really like it. I think my next one will have to be a Paddy!
  2. congrats on your first chloe and welcome to the club! pls post photos when u can...
  3. Thanks for the heads up, enjoy your beautiful metallic silverado...I too would love to see pics!
  4. :sad: I'm sorry - I'm a computer moron. I took the pic but don't know how to attach. I'll try to figure out tomorrow.
  5. Congrats!! Remeber to show us the pictures when it arrives!!