NM Chloe on sale..HURRY!!!!

  1. Chloe silverado $774, Edith $664 and Patent Betty $500
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Do the paddingtons ever go on sale for nm?
  3. Betty hobo and Tracy up now!!!
  4. Crazy NM! They are gone if you blink!
    Good Luck Girls!
  5. If by chance you do get to order something, don't get your hopes up most of the time they cancel your order the next day:cursing: :cursing:
  6. Wow! Just snared my first Chloe at bargain price, managed to add it to basket then went to pay and it said no longer available (this was in micro-seconds!) :crybaby:Came back 5 minutes later and kept trying to go to checkout and miraculously it let me! So keep checking back those of you after an Edith Bowler at $664!
  7. someone is getting them---you have as good a chance as anyone, right? :yahoo:
  8. Are the chances better if we phone our orders in?
  9. that may be a good idea:idea:
  10. AHHHHHHHH!! I never have any luck :sad:
  11. Your chances are much better if you phone the order in because they can definately tell you if the item is actually available or not:yes:
  12. It happended...and I wasn't informed until I emailed them to ask why it had not been shipped yet when they had already confirmed my payment :rant:
  13. Large tracy tote just came up (and a silverado)--I can't say enough about this bag!!! It is TDF
  14. both gone within minutes!
  15. hmm...miss Tracy's up again....I think the NM site is having its usual issues. I bet neither is actually available.