NM Chloe Kerala Bowler

  1. To anyone whose interested, I returned this in Atlanta on Friday. The reason I returned it is because I didn't notice in the online pictures that it looks like there is a face on the side of the bag..from the zipper/handles etc...it is much more noticable in person. However, the leather is very nice and the colour is darker than pictured...it is a very nice brown...here is the link

  2. btw here is a picture if anyone is interested...
  3. wow. . it does look like a face
  4. :wtf: really looks like a face.
  5. :nuts: That's so weird! It does look like a face...:shocked:
  6. haha wow that is weird!! i dunno if i would have seen it if you didnt say it , but it is pretty clearly a face!!! weird :smile: