NM Chloe Edith Flap Satchel at 60 % ! Hurry

  1. All gone!
  2. they go so quickly does anyone know around what time NM updates its site
  3. available again!
  4. Wow, amazing deal. Someone needs to snag that beauty up!
  5. It's still there! I just bought the Edith Bowler at BG, or I'd be all over it!! Go Go Go!
  6. Still up there!
  7. why can't i find it when searching NM website?~
  8. Wow still there... grab it someone!
  9. you can't find it searching the website! you have to follow the link provided above! :yes:
  10. still available.
  11. Still there...I'm on hubby-imposed ban.
  12. hmmm... very tempting! But I just bought my Mink Bvlgari! Ran out of moola till next month! :sad:(
  13. It says it's up there, but it won't let me add it to my cart.