NM Chanel Waitlist

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  1. Hoping to buy a mini flap in black when the cruise collection drops. I will be in London and Vienna the last week of November so hoping to find one there as it is cheaper than the US with the VAT refund however, I think my chances might be slim and from what I read here, they don’t do waitlists. When I was at the Channel store in Chicago today to said I could be added to the waitlist but most likely it would come in before I arrive. Now thinking I should see if NM would do the same bc that way I could return it back to my CC if I do find it in Europe. Does NM channel do waitlists? Any issues with my plan?
  2. I don’t know about NM, but I do shop at Chanel Nordstrom, and I have had wonderful experiences with all SA’s. Their return policy is a little more flexible ( time wise)....
  3. Neimans do waitlisting too. It depends on your spot on the list though! Sometimes they list is longer than what they get!!
  4. NM added me to the waitlist and Nordstrom’s had three bags left for preorder so I’m on that two. Between those two, I think I fortunately will be able to get one. I wish London stores had waitlists but at least I feel pretty good about my chances of snagging one in the US