NM catalog

  1. Quilted zip-top bowler, ivory or black, price $1895. (page 50)
    Timeless cluth, white or black, price $895. (page 51)
    Soho shopper shown in black, $2650. (page 52)
    Clear PVS ballerinas, comes in silver leather captoe, black leather cap toe, and not shown, gold leather cap toe. Price $475. (page 53).

    Must they tempt us so?
  2. Sigh....thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks for the info...
  4. How do I get one of these catalogs. I buy things from them.

    Do you have to have NM credit card? I don't. :sad:
  5. I would call 1-800 825 8000 NM's on line number and ask if you can be placed on their mailing list. When we moved a while back, I stopped getting catalogs. I called and asked if I could be put on the list and it worked then. I've had a NM card but don't know if that's mandatory for getting catalogs. It's worth the asking -- well, sort of :smile:
  6. Hope I get this catalog!
  7. piperlu, generally if you buy from NM.com, they will start sending you catalogs. i'm sure if you ask for it, they will send it to you too.
  8. I like the clutch and the shopper. I would like to see the dimensions on the shopper.
  9. You have to buy from NM online. It doesn't matter how much you spend in the actual store. I always buys a few cosmetic items when they have free shipping.

    I scanned the zip top bowler and it should be in another thread. I think we've all seen the timeless clutch and Soho Shopper from other threads.
  10. I had never shopped at NM store or have an NM credit card or EVEN had a purchase actually go through nm.com (you all know NM and their notorious cancellation emails...). But I get ALL their catalogs. Even that wicked awesome Christmas one with the trip in space for sale! Was that a fun catalog to read! :drool:

    Who knows what goes through their minds. NM does business in ways that boggle the mind....
  11. I don't think the`NM catalog is an "exclusive" thing. Just call customer service and ask to be on the mailing list!
  12. ^^Thanks. I do buy from them online all the time. I'll call them.