NM card v. NM In-Circle card?

  1. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum; please move me if it is!

    I've had the NM store card for a few years now (the cream-colored one). A few weeks ago, I wandered over to incircle.com to register since I hadn't done it before.

    I just got a new credit card (black) in the mail, saying that I'm now a member of the InCircle 2007 program.

    What's the difference between the cards? Is there a difference in the 2007 program vs. previous programs? I've been on incircle.com and couldn't really get more info. :confused1:
  2. no, but every year you "make" InCircle they send you a new card w/ that year on it.
    So next year if you only spend $4k you won't get a new card, but if you spend $5+ they'll send you a 2008 InCircle card.
  3. If you go online to look at the Incircle program, you can view the rewards for different point levels. The card itself doesn't really change anything except maybe the SA's recognize that you are a very good customer.

    If you watch for the double point events or plan to shop during the 2 birthday periods (3 days each) you can register for, you don't have to spend $5k to reach Incircle level.
  4. swanky, thanks for clarifying the year info. Clearly I haven't used the card that much to this point!

    boxermom, that's good info to know! Does NM send out emails or mailers for the double point events?
  5. FanAddict, it's been hit and miss with me. Sometimes I get a card in the mail and sometimes I don't. I think they send emails, but I'm not certain. The best way to be sure you don't miss anything is to have a SA you can call, or who will contact you, so you know they are coming and you can plan your purchases.
  6. ^ thanks for the info!
  7. I agree with boxermom...I don't always get the card every year even though I have been "bad" enough to spend to the level required. Just don't tell my FI that... :graucho:.
  8. that's weird! I get one the smae week I hit $5k I swear!

    Wonder why? I never quite make it to $10k so it's not because I'm a big spender:lol: