NM Cancelled My Desert Sienna Order! So . . .

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  1. I consoled myself with my new Brynne in black that arrived today!! :yahoo: I bought this last week after I decided that the Jillian just wasn't for me. I spent a bit more than I wanted too but I do really love it. It is large and roomy, fits all my stuff plus room for more. The black leather is just yummy. I will post pics tomorrow sometime, as soon as I figure out how to do that!

    However, NM did cancel the desert Sienna I ordered last Satuday night. Such a screaming deal at $208. I had originally passed on the ivory which they also had, but ordered it once they became available again early Sunday morning. I figured I would look at both colors in person and then keep only one. So far, that order (for the ivory) hasn't been cancelled so hopefully I'll get a chance to take a look at an ivory Sienna up close and personal and decide whether or not I like it. (Unless its a beaten up floor sample, for $208, what's not to like?) :smile:
  2. Youngster, I feel your pain re the desert Sienna. Last night I decided that was the bag I wanted, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, and the real deal I saw on eBay sold early :sad:. Fingers crossed your get your ivory.
  3. At least you've got your Brynne:smile: Those Siennas are like gold dust at the moment, maybe that should be a hint to Kooba regarding the popularity of the bag, I'd like to see a new batch of Siennas in all the colours (which would send me straight to the poorhouse..LOL)
  4. Thanks ladies, I am enjoying the Brynne a lot so I won't fret to much about the desert Sienna. Would have liked to have seen it IRL though!
  5. I just HATE when you get an order cancelled! It happened to me yesterday from NM too. I got up my courage and ordered my first Chloe so I was really disappointed to get it cancelled.

    Fortunately, they have the same bag at BG so I THINK I'm going to get it? :confused1:
  6. Yes, it is very frustrating to have an order cancelled. You'd think they would have enough resources over at NM to come up with a better inventory/order system but maybe it happens because everyone is shopping all at once, and people don't always buy what they put in their carts so they over-sell the item, just in case.

    Of course, its typical that now that I can't have the desert Sienna, that's the one I've made up my mind that I really want!
  7. BTW Grace, which Chloe did you order?
  8. Actually now I have TWO coming, an Edith N/S tall satchel in whiskey and a Bowler in Whiskey. One will go back, that is, if I get both. I may get none?! :confused1:
  9. That sounds so great! A Chloe is on my wish list for the future, but with two kids in private school, it will have to wait awhile! Hope you get them.
  10. I hope someone from tPF got a Sienna from NM at such a great price -- my order was cancelled, too. Youngster, I followed your lead and consoled myself with a smooth cognac Sienna!
  11. Oh, a smooth cognac. That just sounds good enough to eat! Congratulations! Would love to see photos when you get it. (I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that my ivory Sienna from NM will show up.)
  12. LOL I guess if we manage to get anything from NM, we should have a virtual drink together! :drinkup::drinks::party:
  13. youngster, Mine are cancelled too both ivory and desert from NM & BG. I really hate that.
  14. Hi rachelinla, that's really lousy. I'm sorry. NM really needs to spend more time/effort in improving their inventory/ordering system. It happens way too often to too many people. :sad:
  15. Obviously, it's not the end of the world, but it would have been nice.