NM cancelled my Choco Edith BUT....

  1. to make up for it they offered me 20% off a Paddy or a Betty. I'm not really crazy about either though. I was hoping I could use the 20% the large Muse - but they said no - oh well....
  2. Here's what they offered:
  3. Take the Paddy and give it to me ;) J/k... It would be a shame to waste the 20 percent off though!
  4. Did they say why they cancelled it. That is raw..darn it hurts!!! The 20% discount though!!:blink:
  5. ^^No they just said they didn't have any more stock of the item. I'm not too upset as I already have Edith in Whiskey - I just thought the chocolate was so rich and beautiful. I guess it's better that I don't have two of the same bags in such a similar shade. There's not a HUGE amount of difference between the whiskey and the cocoa, right?

    Maybe I should take it as a sign and just get a totally different bag?

  6. I don't suppose they have a mousse Paddy? The satchel, not the pocket.
  7. The only offered me the models I posted - they did come in different colors though - I just posted one.
  8. Sorry to read this! You could always order the pocket paddy with the 20% and ebay it for retail, thereby making a profit.

    Speaking of ebay, in my searches of chocolate Edith's (to compare them to mine), I have not yet seen one that looks like mine in terms of texture and depth of color. The ebay bags look closer to the Whiskey because the brown tone isn't as deep. As an alternative to NM, maybe you can try Saks and see if they can locate one in their system? Nordstrom might be getting some choco Edith's in July - the San Diego store always receives good Chloe stock as do the stores in Washington state.

    I am still on the wait list at NM in Boston for a chocolate (never took my name off) so if the s/a ever calls I can hook you up.
  9. 20% off the pocket would be a good deal! I don't know about resale...mine didn't sell, but it was the blanc color and I know people worry about the light colors. Maybe in the whiskey or chocolate...or black.
  10. You might be right...smile..fate:amuse:
  11. Did they offer just the website colors for the pocket (blanc, tan, sunflower) or can you go off the board? Same as roey, I've never seen a chocolate Edith as dark as hers. I think you need to give a call and ask for a different style - different operator maybe they'll do it for you!

    Otherwise definitely spares money for Muse (I vote Yes!)
  12. I saw the Betty tote in black on Chloe's website a little while ago, and in the black it's pretty nice! Not crazy about the brown posted, though. You can find another Edith...don't worry!
  13. The betty in the pewter is absolutely gorgeous. Why only those two styles? I wonder if they're not selling well or something... Was that the best the manager could do or was this an SA who said that?
  14. So now i'm mulling over the XL Muse in Chocolate - - - since I won't be getting the coco Edith.....

    any thoughts?
  15. Firstly,I think that the two bags they are offering you are pretty bad substitutes for the Edith. 20% off is nice,but still a lot of money to pay for a bag you don't really like.

    I say get your money back and get one of the bags you're in love with.

    And I love the chocolate oversized muse!!

    Hope it works out for you.:biggrin: