Nm Canceled Prada Order

  1. NM canceled my order for a Prada Vitello Daino Flap Bag. I got an order confirmation email and the item said in stock on the website. Has anyone else had this problem. xxxxxx
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  2. Happens all the time.
  3. I don't even know why...Their system is not reliable..service is bad!! I got a few canceled as well. They were not even out of stock, CS said bank didn't approval credit..I contacted my bank right away, they said never heard from NM, and there is plenty credit in my account...sad...they can't even help...I should be a NM ban!!
  4. What is going on with them?! There was another thread like this, orders being cancelled. Terrible service!
  5. I'm just about to call them - I ordered a Fendi bag on Saturday night/early Sunday morning when it was marked 25% off - they cancelled my order right away without charging my card - a few hours later the bag was still there without the 25% off and I ordered it again and this time my order went through - and they charged my card!!
  6. Bag was ordered in the morning....bag was listed as available all day...sounds like some sort of conspiracy....
  7. NM is famous for pulling this crap,rest assured if you were paying retail for this bag they'd have it in stock.
  8. I ordered the bag yesterday afternoon. I was surprised the item did not show up as "unavailable" soon after. Sorry, I beat you to it.
  9. sorry NM let you down :sad:
  10. I called them earlier and at first they told me that my order was cancelled because the bag was "discontinued". Then I told them that my second order went through when the 25% discount was no longer valid. After holding for quite a while they gave me the bag at the 25% off price - which is what they should have done!
  11. very disappointed at NM
    just ordered a burberry dress and i got order confirmation and when i looked at my online NM account, the status says cancelled:tdown:
  12. I ordered the bag at 12:31 yesterday central time...If somebody else ordered the bag after I did and canceled my order something is wrong..If anyone is willing to sell this bag, I will pay more...I hate being cheated....My wife was so happy she was going to get a nice bag and this fiasco happens....
  13. they need to improve their system, i think. but i have not encountered this sort of stuff...
  14. My dress got cancelled too!
  15. Was not my day after all. Mine got cancelled also.