NM Bobbi Brown gift with purchase

  1. [​IMG]

    No coupon necessary, the gift is automatically added to you shopping bag when you add any Bobby Brown product. And don't forget to use the code WINTER for free shipping.
  2. hazel06, you are one smart lady! I so did that!
  3. great find hazel06, did that too :smile:
  4. great idea....thanks
  5. Powder puffs are all gone.
  6. Yes - I think i got my order in just in time.. hopefully!
  7. i ended up with the Makeup Wedges, oh well, free gifts.
  8. does the gift come with the pink quartz shimmer brick shown on the original post, because it's not showing up in my gift? is everyone only seeing the eyeshadow and lipstick?
  9. thanks for sharing!:yes::yes::yes:
  10. I grabbed a replacement puff...neeed one anyway!!

  11. The shimmer brick isn't a part of the free gift. It's a suggestion for a purchase you can make to get the free gift. I had to look twice at the wording too! :lol:
  12. My favorite gel eyeliner~ here I come! Thanks for the posting!
  13. i placed an order for the Powder puffs even though its on back order. so that means i would still get my gift set :smile: yippie thanks
  14. No gifts shown in the cart. Did that happen to you guys too?