NM Big 100 Gift Giveaway - posted question on "Wardrobe" but no luck so far

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  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how to enter the NM big 100 gift giveaway. I've been getting these email announcements from NM congratulating people that win free stuff like burberry trench coats! They say keep a look out for the next opportunity but I just don't know how to register. Does anyone know?

  2. When I get the email it just says to click on the link to enter...I hope that does it!
  3. You should get an email in the morning that you have to click on.
    That's it.....

    This was the subject line on mine today:

    CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN embellished shoes & FREE SHIPPING AT ANY PRICE + Win Marc by Marc Jacobs
  4. i didn't get an email this morning for that =(

    I guess they randomly pick people?
  5. I got one for a few days but not today either :sad:
  6. I've gotten them every morning this week so far - just click specifically on the link for the Big 100.