NM & BG -- Sale price increase?

  1. Has anyone noticed that the sale prices on their sites have gone up? They were at least 50% off yesterday. :sad:
  2. Prices have also gone up on the Saks website too! What's going on??:blink:
  3. you are right... the tod's that i have been eyeing was around $500 before and now it is $800?
  4. Maybe their final sale period has ended?
  5. I've noticed, too. Maybe it's a marketing ploy. Maybe they weren't selling enough bags at 50% off so they bumped the prices back up. This way, everyone who was on the fence about a bag will jump and buy the bag the next time they mark the bags down to 50% off. Or maybe they weren't supposed to mark the bags down to 50% off until a later date.
  6. Their final sale only lasted a week or a weekend actually.
    This is the first time they did this but thy did. I can't believe it.
  7. It's just a waiting game, I'm watching a couple bags but I won't purchase until they reduce .............. I'm sure they will go back down -- someday???
  8. hopefully soon.... i am eyeing something too.
  9. I noticed the price increases as well.
  10. How what percentage were the handbags discounted at the peak of their sale?
  11. I'm so glad I bought my Aaneta bag last week @ $138 ... it is now $296!!!!!
  12. I didn't even bother with the sell.
  13. i was eyeing them too but didnt purchase. now im kicking myself!!!
  14. Prices finally went back to 50% off on SOME of the bags...but not all.

    Those Tod's on sale are back to 50% off. :yahoo:
  15. YES! Grab them girls ........... Chloe is down to 50%!