NM/BG Premier Designer Bags

  1. Has anyone actually seen a premier designer bag on the sale page of either bergdorf or neiman in the past 5 days?? (chloe,MJ, prada) I haven't seen a single thing on the page- only from PFers saved links! Anyone notice this or is it just me?
  2. I've also been going to the sale pages looking for the premium designer bags but have not seen any in the past week. Is there a new link you have to go to? Thanks.
  3. I did the online chat help and they said its because they don't have available at the moment.
  4. The most recent MN last call email from last night/this morning didn't have a link for designer handbags or premier designer handbags.
  5. I did a live chat with NM rep. too.. i told them the problem and asked them to send the issue to their tech. guy.. I believe there is a glitch in their system after they removed the Premier Designer handbags link over a week ago.

    Hopefully, they will get it fixed soon..
  6. i noticed that too, hope it gets fixed !
  7. a glitch in their system... but yet ppl are still buying those bags :sad:.... lucky them
  8. Use code NMPERK for free shipping too. :p
  9. I'm so glad to hear that. I ordered one yesterday. :yahoo: