NM, BG, Nordstrom, Saks - any further online cuts/discounts?

  1. I'm not sure how it works, but after the Christmas sales, are there generally another cut that takes place before they send everything to Last Call?

    If anyone knows of further cuts for any retailers, please post! Thanks! :tup:
  2. 16th January is the official day for NM. You can presale now though. I think it's officially that you can presale on the 9th, but the SA I dealt with the other day let me presale on the 31st December. I won't get charged until the 16th and won't get my shoes until then, but at least I know that I'll get them!!

    I don't know about the other ones.
  3. does anyone know when is the next Bloomingdales F&F sale? THANKS!!
  4. Bloomies f&f is usually twice a year...fall and spring. About October and April.
  5. You have a mega generous SA to presale for the NM 1/16 last cqall sale...or ur pulling strings big time. I have yet to hear of presales THAT far in advance.
  6. What kind of reductions are they taking off the sale prices?
  7. sorry if this is a dumb question but can ANYONE presale or do you have to be a regular customer?
  8. ^Anyone, as long as you have a NM, BG or AMEX account.
  9. How much further from the current online "Extra 25% off"? thx!
  10. Another 25% is the usual one (for shoes).

    Actually I've never worked with this SA before. I just told him that I want to presale and he said "Okay, presale for the Last Call! That'll be on the 16th" and filled out the form and everything. He's super nice though.

    He even called another NM store for me to find the Finzi as that store kept hanging up on me. He said that they do that if they think it's another SA calling, but they won't if they find out that it's a customer trying to call from another store.
  11. I was at NM store yesterday, the SA told me that you can do presale on the 10th, but it's only additional 5%. I didn't want to wait till then so bought my stuff yesterday. Did anyone hear any other %?
  12. For NM; how do you know what the sale will be on? Is it just existing stuff that's sale or clearance?
  13. Saks is usually additional 25% of current sale price.
  14. For NM, I believe the "additional" sale will be on existing stuff that's on sale. But the SA there told me that the maximum % off is 65% of original price.