NM & BG increase their price before they mark down it to sale!!??

  1. Hi guys,
    Not sure if you got a chance to buy this booties before it ran out!! I have been eyesing it forever!! Because I wanted to get one in holts in Toronto, however they ran out my size so I tried NM, BG and NAP!! Finally they marked down this booties. There is the link,http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod42660025&showCrumb=false&catalog_code=NMOF8&catqo=true&cmCat=cqo&_requestid=32737

    However, from what I remember, this booties should be around $850 to $900. But NM and BG's prices are $1100 in original and then mark down to $462+ after with 25% off in NM so I decided to do some research. I just found out

    From those two links show, that this booties were at $880 in original in two days before they marked down to sale.

    I am thinking...did NM & BG try to rise up their price and then give us discount?? WTH??:confused1:
  2. I noticed that too on another item that I was eyeing! Very very misleading!
  3. wow. that is so sketchy! the google cache thing is so cool, how did u do it?
  4. I noticed NM did that on some Lacoste items (not a huge price difference, but still!)
  5. This is so awkward...I know we still have good deal..but why they are doing this?
  6. I remember many years ago in Colorado, the attorney general there charged The Denver, which was an upscale dept. store, with bait & switch or something similar, for just that same type of practice.
    It's been many years ago but I do remember that was to send a strong message to the store.
    I really hate that kind of stuff.
  7. Wow, I just thought I was losing my memory to old age.

    I had been wondering the same thing, but chalked it up to my bad memory.

    Boy that peeves me.
  8. Ah, the internet never forgets. ...But the way they're manipulating their percentages like that is appalling. :tdown: Is anyone planning on asking them directly regarding their sale practices?
  9. Well, I just talked to a live chat person. I was told that $1100 was for spring price, then they marked down to $880. Now they have third mark down so price is $462+...I know this is not true!! And of course I told that person, that price of $880 is in black writing so I don't think it is the price for second cut!! But she insists that is their sale price and just now they have further reduction!! I hate this as well...they make us feel we have SUPER deal by rising up price and give you more % off. This is kind of stupid isn't it? We are no blind!!
  10. Wow, that's a shock! Good thing that you're a smart shopper!
  11. I am speechless!!!
  12. that is a horrible practice and possibly illegal no?

    i remember disney store doing it at xmas sale time...for instance they had pajamas on sale for a week at 28 dollars ...we got several pair they were so cute then the big sign went up the next week 50!% off sale so we assumed they would be 14 dollars and ran to get a few for xmas gifts for ladies and kids...
    the price on the TICKET was 48 dollars and marked down to 24!!!
    we even brought in our receipts from the prior week and got nowhere...a lot of stores do this and make people think they are getting a big sale

    we need to be vigilant and keep each other informed!

    good catch!
  13. I've heard Crate and Barrel does this as well.
  14. What kind of hogwash is this???I just went to neiman's to look at a men's jacket I was interested in and they claim teh original markdown was 10%....and then now they do an additional 25% which makes it more or less similar to their original 1st cut prices#?$?#$?#$? It's gotta be a mistake. Did anyone confirm this by phone?