NM Beverly Hills Stock 8/16/07

  1. I went to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills on Thursday. I saw:

    -Les Marais Tote Bags - large, gold, black, ~$3195
    -Les Marais Flap Bags
    -Soft and Chain Flap Bags - black, off-white
    -Round Bag - the tote with the 3 detachable pockets that someone posted about recently, ~$2595
    -Some Cambon pieces - don't remember specific styles
    -E/W Flap - black lambskin
    -black classic caviar flaps in most sizes

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  2. Also:

    -Ultimate Soft - beige
    -8 Knots - totes
    -Expandable Tote - black

  3. Thanks for the update.
  4. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks for sharing Steph.
  6. Hi Stephanie!

    I was just there yesterday (Friday) and just wanted to update the stock as well!

    MC hobo, e/w, and n/s bags in black
    MC e/w in brown
    black/black patent cambon tote, brown/brown patent small reporter
    jumbo and medium flaps w.the new soft caviar in white
    black e/w w/old chain
    black e/w w/new chain
    white e/w w/new chain :smile:
  7. hi clk, what is the white jumbo soft caviar flap in white??
    is this new flap?? thank you~
    and is the e/w with new chain white caviar or lambskin? thx again
  8. Thanks for the updates! I love Neiman's in BH, they always have lots of stock in the back!
  9. hey Jenn,

    How did the brown e/w modern chain look in person?
  10. Hi Minnie: it's basically the jumbo flap w/the mm lock and chain. The white e/w was the stark white in caviar w/the new chain. :smile:

    lady chinadoll: It's was freakin gorgeous! :nuts: For the brown MC, I prefer the e/w over the n/s. It's a deep, dark choc brown and if I had a money tree, I would have brought it home. I opted for the glazed black e/w MC because it goes w/everything!
  11. Thanks for being my "eyeballs" Jenn :tup:
  12. LOL, you're welcome! Don't forget to post pics! :graucho: