NM Beverly Hills-So Slow They are Moving Backwards

  1. AAHHHH!!! So last wednesday night, roughly 6:30 eastern time, (making it 3:30 on the west coast) my SA calls me and tells she pulled and purchased the fuschia satin clutch that we have been stalking all over the city. She tells me she pulled it from the NM in BH and its on its way. SOOOOO like the vigilant FEDEX stalker I am, I keep calling Fedex from Thursday am on to see if its in the system and its not. Finally I call NM BH and find out, it hasn't even been shipped yet!!!! WTF. I paid for shipping. Not the free shipping when it come ground, but the 2 day so I could have it sooner. (Overnight at that point would still make it come two days later.) So now its going out Monday. I feel like that store is moving backwards. I even tried to pry it from the store's claws so my friend who lives right there could pick it up and ship it to me herself and they wouldn't budge. Now I know better. I know Saks can be slow sometimes, but this is bad, I WANT MY CLUTCH!!!!
  2. I can certainly understand your frustration! California moves a bit slower that the east coast (I grew up in SO. Cal and it is pretty laid back) and it is holiday season. Maybe she just got swamped and forgot? I do hope they do something to accommodate your wait time. Maybe you can request a refund on the shipping charge?
  3. I have learned to "enjoy" the anticipation of a new bag. The waiting is so exciting. Once the bag arrives.....its over and Im looking for something new to buy (I know, I need rehab). Sit back, relax and enjoy it.
  4. Whenever I pay for 2 day shipping, the item is shipped either the day of my phone call (if there is time to get the package out that day) or the day after. That's the point of paying extra, so you can have your package quickly. I would request you be refunded the shipping charge since the store did not meet the shipping criteria. If you ordered on Wednesday and they don't ship until the following Monday, how can they justify that as 2 day shipping? A store will try to do that; they'll say, "Oh, well once it leaves our store it goes 2 day" but the point is, the package should not sit on the dock waiting for shipment when the customer has requested and paid for expedited shipping. Heck, I'll bet the charge is already on your credit card! Doesn't take long for that to happen does it?
  5. Saks, they can be bad with their shipping service. The last time I ordered something from them, i request to have it sent 2-day but they sent it ground shipping instead. Luckily i was charged ground on my credit card...but still!

    Hope you get your bag soon.
  6. I feel like I'm constantly visiting places where the population moves slow and I just fail to understand it. I would call and ***** them out.
  7. :lol: now that is funny.... I dont think California "moves" a bit slower than the East Coast.. I just honestly think you have a "poor non-productive" SA, my advise consider another SA whom will love to get your sale, instead try Vonda @ NM/Newport Beach (949)759-1900, honestly you should not have to wait too long:nogood:
  8. I have no clue who the SA was that helped my SA make the order. But I found out this am that it will be here on thursday. Its not my SA in Short Hills, its the one on the other side. To be honest with you I called BH NM and the SA I got on the phone had a "higher than thou" complex and I told her. I ripped her for being such a helpful SA and that I would love to let her manager know just how wonderfully helpful she was. (sarcasm) Than (completely out of character) I told her that she should be proud of herself for being such an a$$hole and that she will go far in life with that attitude. (again completely out of character) I berated and belittled her to no end. She deserved it, I called her incompetent, incoherent, assine, useless, lazy, etc, etc, etc. I have had it with SA's. The end. From now on I am only buying from my SA in Short Hills. If it's not in the store yet, I am waiting.
    No joke, I don't think I am better than the SA or higher than anyone. BUT I am a customer who did make a purchase that has posted to my amex, and if I call to ask a simple question don't throw me a diva attitude and try to make me look stupid. I don't care who or what you are-its your job, do it right. I go to work and do the best I can, no excuse whether you are the big boss or the worker bee.
  9. I don't blame you for ripping her a new one. Your s/a would probably reimburse the shipping charge if you ask. Although at this point it's not really about the charge but the way you were treated.