NM - Best Customer - New Sale Arrivals & Further Reductions!

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  1. Thanks for posting this!!! Too bad no new shoes on sale.... ;)
  2. Thanks! well, well, well. The dresses I bought during the 2buy2 deal just got reduced and the newly reflected savings are greater than the deal I got with the giftcard :yucky: now I must figure out if it is worth enough difference for me to reorder and return :cursing:
  3. Thanks for sharing. Found something I might get for my daughter.
  4. i just bought this one from the sales-

    grrr...look like same color dress as my id pic.)
  5. which two dresses may i ask?:smile:
  6. Wow, that is unfortunate. :tdown:
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In my first order I bought
    Pic 1: Nanette Lepore Embroidered Dress Original: $430.00 SALE: $301.00
    Pic 2: Milly Floral-Print Shift Dress Original: $370.00 SALE: $259.00

    Original cost 856 w/tax now the sale price together is 599.20 (-$256.80):yucky:

    Then I placed a 2nd order
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1) Tory Burch Carly Sheath Dress Original: $295.00 SALE: $207.00
    2) Rag & Bone Combat Dress Original: $265.00 SALE: $186.00

    Second order total $599.92 now my cost would be $420.51 (-$179)

    Mind me, I also bought other things but those are not reduced (yet).
  8. But don't you get money off the original cost? i.e. you didn't actually pay $856 for your first order? Or am I misunderstanding?
  9. :yes:i like your picks. clean cut, simple style and fresh color.

    since this type of things happened to me many times, i totally understand what you feel about it. then what can we do? because we dont know when the next round of sales will be, and if our sizes are still avail. then...sometimes i just have to get what i really like in my size (in brand new condition) and forget about further reduction.

    if this makes you feel better: many occasions, a last call item is a returned or multiple returned item, and some with a flaw. long time ago, i got a few last call items in, and returned all of them as they did not look like brand new. a couple of them obviously were worn bunch times.:yucky:

    now, are these dresses still avail in your size? return and rebuy thing maybe a solution?
  10. ^Thank you:heart: yes three of the dresses are available the other I would have to go up one size, should not be a biggie. Hubby (mr. amex patrolman here) already figured it out for me and said I should just reorder them and send the others back. That's what I am doing :P.

    Cutieupdate: The online 2buy2 was different from stores. NM online did not have instant savings. How this worked was you had to spend min. $400 on two regular priced items and that gave you a $100 giftcard towards future purchase.