NM Beauty Week starts 2/21

  1. Just a heads up for you ladies - you can call your normal SA at NM to start stocking up on your products. This years free gwp (100.00 minimum) will be a beach tpe tote in three colors - lime green, pink (kinda like hot pink), and teal. I have the list of goodies that will come with it on a flyer - as soon as I take a pic of it I will post it up. Beauty will last tille I believe 3/2. Saks is starting theirs on 2/27 this year.
    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area!
  2. right area!:tup:
  3. wow, thanks for posting this! I'd hate to miss it. Best time to stock up on
  4. whats beauty week? :confused1: sorry i sound like such a newbie
  5. almost every vendor {Sisley, Kiehls, Chanel, Dior, la mer, etc. . . } has a gift w/ purchase and NM also has one, it happens twice a year.
  6. I LOVE beauty week! i cant believe its here already, i still have all my goodies from last years
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    This is the best I can do with the pictures. I hope this helps and hope everyone is ready to stock up! I saw the Dior gwp this year - it is adorable!! I usually stock up on Kiehls stuff - and this year their gwp imo is better than last years. Good gift for someone else too!!
  11. wow, thanks for the info. I've never paid much attention to NM beauty week but will certainly stock up this year.
  12. yay! im so excited! this is better than christmas
  13. Thank you for the info! angl2b :smile:
  14. Thanks. This is great.
  15. Thanks so much angl!!!!