NM Beauty GWPs

  1. NM beauty has 7 pages of gift with purchases listed.
    Back up from about 2......

    Might be worth checking out.
  2. Wow! Thanks.
  3. I hadn't gotten notice of this GWP in the mail. Thanks for posting!
  4. You're all welcome!

    I didn't get anything in the mail, either, I was checking out a couple things
    this morning and found them.
  5. The GWP's are for the InCircle event that runs through Saturday. I'm not sure how long these GWP's will run online.
  6. If you have time to drop in the store, there are even more GWP. One of the NARS MUA sent me an email, they have a few GWPs not mentioned on the site. Completely off topic, tomorrow Christian Louboutin will even be in the San Francisco store for a few hours!