NM Balenciaga

  1. Hi! Has anyone seen the anniversary edition of Neiman Marcus lately? I'm looking for one. Thanks!:smile:
  2. I think there was one at NM Atlanta.
  3. I saw one at the Neiman Marcus in the Galleria in Houston, TX about two weeks ago. Their number is 713-621-7100 ext. 2123. Ms. Thorne was my sales associate.
  4. I have the NM LE bbag, and I adore it! I LOVE the gunmetal giant hardware, and I am really not a fan of the giant hardware. Gunmetal is so much more muted! I really hope you can find one! :tup:
  5. There may be one at the NM in Austin, TX. My mom was there a couple of days ago and said she saw it.
  6. Is it a tealish greenish blue color? If so, I saw one at the SF Neiman's on Friday.
  7. I saw one at NM in Newport Beach, CA a couple weeks ago.

    Good luck!
  8. I saw two at NM Troy, MI couple months ago. Call Balsam Dally at 248-802-6442 (her cell number) and tell her Vanessa sent you. Good luck!
  9. NM white Plains Ny had one last week
  10. Thanks so much everyone, I'm on the hunt!
  11. i saw one at NM shorthills
  12. Hi~ I have the LE bag and love it! I did see one at NM in Tampa this past weekend-good luck:wlae:
  13. pretty sure I saw one at NM King of Prussia last night
  14. Yeah they have one :yes:
  15. Check out NM Atlanta and ask for Piper.