NM Bal Harbour & Coral Gables (Miami, FL)

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  1. I am in Miami for the holidays, so of course I had to check the local Balenciaga retailers. Here's what I remember (and it's not all-inclusive ... they had large amts of stock at both locations!!). Also, what I do remember may not be 100% correct (I feel safe to say it's at least at 90%...??? ;) ).

    NM Bal Harbour (2 days ago):

    Brief in Vert Gazon
    Brief in Naturel
    Work in Naturel
    Work in Vert Gazon
    Day in Vert Gazon (very veiny/mottled looking)
    Part Time in French Blue
    Part Time in Vermillion
    City in Vermillion

    Brief in Black
    City in Vert D'eau
    Small Bowler in White
    Weekender in Black
    Courier in Rouge Vif (maybe a Day also? I think there were other styles but don't remember)

    MATELASSE (quilted):
    Brown & Black in both small & large sizes

    Work in Pony Hair
    Whistle Bags
    Hook Bags
    Pony hair shoulders (2)
    Ring Bags - small

    NM Coral Gables (yesterday):

    Was surprised to see that the outside display window on the 2nd floor showed a mannequin holding a Griege Shrug!! ;) Also, I noticed Balenciagas on display in various places on the 2nd floor (most notably, a Truffle Part Time [or City?] with Giant Harware, and an Ink Box!!!).

    Day in Vert Gazon (much nicer than the one at Bal Harbour)
    Work (or part-time?) in Vert Gazon
    Brief in Naturel (which was sold WHILE I WAS THERE!!)
    Day in Truffle
    Day in Naturel
    Work and/or Part-Time in Truffle (wasn't paying close attention to these)

    Brief in Black
    White bowling (I think it's the small)
    Work in Grenat
    City in Truffle
    Small Bowler in White
    (lots more that I don't remember)

    Courier in Pony Hair
    Firsts in Pony Hair
    TONS of Whistle bags
    Hook bags
    Ring bags (very large size)
    TONS of these plain, structured kind of sued-ey type bags...not sure what they are because they don't interest me in the least. :sad:
  2. P.S. THe NM in Coral Gables is actually officially the Neiman Marcus in the "Village at Merrick Park" (which is a fancy mall).

    P.P.S. The SA at the NM Merrick Park said that people had complained about the small opening at the top of the Brief.
  3. I'm heading to NM Coral Gables on Tuesday, but I wasn't planning on ang Bbags. I'll see what they have left. Hope there will still be regular hardware because I really do not like the GH at all. Darn, I'd love a part-time, but not with GH.:cursing:

    Thanks for the report fiatflux. Have a nice vacation here in Miami.
  4. I may drop by there again today and I'll try to pay more attention to what's there in the regular hardware... ;)
  5. A part-time with regular hardware...be still my heart!!!

    I'll be waiting with baited breath fiatflux.
  6. Well I went back today but couldn't stay very long ... I was shocked to see that ALL of the giant hardware bags had sold except for a Black Hobo and a black or dark brown Work.

    They had a Black Part-Time in the regular hardware, if that would interest you!!
  7. Thanks for reporting back.:idea: How funny that that was the only color I said I wouldn't want. I just got a black Twiggy and I wanted something with a little more color. Oh well, hopefully they'll get more bags in the new year.:yes:
  8. Uh oh ... not that I'm planning to be in Florida, but one can always do a "call-send" ... :yes: :roflmfao: