NM - baca $279 and Gryson bags added

  1. the heidi in white looks very nice and at such a great price! thanks for the post
  2. NMV012Z_an.jpg
  3. Thank you Greenabyss!
  4. the baca's gone. thanks for the post.
  5. Gung, I really love the bag! I like it in both black and white... Wish I could get one too!
  6. There were two left when I posted the msg. When I edited the msg, only one left. Now they are gone! They sell out so fast, don't they?
  7. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I cant believe myself! It was like everything was in slow motion, and my fingers flew over the keyboard (as I am simultaneously hoping I get to NM checkout before the bags sell out.) I had tunnel vision, the only thing I was conscious of was my fingers.

  8. I received a Gryson Heidi black yesterday. The hardware of the bag is not shiny at all but looks tarnished (like white stained). Is it supposed to be like this? I like the style and it will be a good work tote if I can stand its weight. It is extremely heavy (without anything it is already 4 lbs).

    Due to its weight and tarnished hardware, I will probably return it.
  9. AHHH! I can't believe I missed this! I've wanted the baca bag with patent trim FOREVER!! Going to bookmark it in case someone returns it!