NM at SF has VIF City

  1. A while back, I asked them to call me if the bag is in. They just called me this morning. I already got the First so I pass on this one.

    Call them if you are interested in the Ctiy!!! :yahoo::yahoo::nuts::nuts:
  2. oh dear... *faints*

    so, umm do they charge you sales tax if you have a NM in your state, but it doesnt carry balenciaga?
  3. Yes, they charge you sales tax. I just talked to them again to have someone replace me. They have 12 of them and I think it's all gone. Give them a call, however. Good luck. :yes:
  4. nah, I dont wanna pay sales tax... I could just go in and buy it @ AR for that price without having to have them ship it. I woulda done it if no tax though. I'm so weak... I just cant wait for anis anymore with this rouge flashing before my eyes every 3 minutes! rawr! :love:
  5. You should get VIR, mocean!! She's awesome. Color is so fab. :yahoo:

    Okay, PFer who wants to take my list decides to wait a bit. If anyone wants to take my post, PM me.