NM at San Diego Fashion Valley 10/21/06

  1. From my memory:

    First-Truffe, Camel, Emerald, some Pony Hair
    City-Blue India (just got in yesterday per SA), Truffe, Camel
    Purse-Marron, Truffe, Blueberry
    Work-Blueberry, Grenat, Truffe
    Box-Lilac, White
    Twiggy-Greige, Camel
    Day-Blue India, Truffe, Emerald or Sapin
    This is how far I can name the colors... From here, the colors are not complete...or just only the styles I saw...
    Bowling-White, etc
    Small Padded-Black

    There were quite a few selection and I was really surprised! I tried on different styles to see how they looked on me, etc. I didn't go home with any, although I saw one blue bag with locks on that I really liked... Maybe Arena Hook?
  2. I shouldve gone shopping with you Tiramisu! WAY better selection at NM San Diego than at Barneys BH!
  3. I just called them and they said they don't carry Blueberry ???:wtf:
  4. It seems like NM has different color codes so they might not know Blueberry, but you might have to say Royal Blue or Blue rois or something like that. They had one bag that I was sure it was Cornflower, but the tage read Blue, Royal. And when I asked the SA, she didn't know. They were calling Blue India, Blue Gris...