NM Anniversary LE Bags

  1. A few bags have been posted in their respective designer forums, i.e. Balenciaga, YSL, Prada, etc., that are apparently limited editions to celebrate NM's 100th Anniversary.

    Does anyone have any additional information? The SA's at my store are clueless. They only get the bags and then are told that the bag is LE. They don't know what they'll be getting or what each designer made. The SA I spoke with claimed that the information is not contained in any lookbooks.

    I'm just curious what to expect! TIA!
  2. Here you go! I have a bunch of info on all of it so far. Still waiting for some but right now I know that they have the following:

    Hermes special edition scarf

    Prada crocodile clutch with detachable NM luggage tag will retail at $8,990. It will be available in Pink, Black, Grey, and Gold.

    Chanel: This one is super exclusive. There are only going to be 4 bags available for all of NM. It is going to be a chocolate brown Jumbo Classic
    in crocodile retailing at $26,500.
    It is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous. It does not say Neiman Marcus on it anywhere. It is just completely exclusive to Neiman's. No pics of this baby yet!

    Balenciaga: Special Giant Hardware City in Blue with Gunmetal hardware for $1595. It's super hot! The color is also exclusive to NM only!

    YSL: did a special edition leopard Downtown bag. Still waiting for the price on this baby. It's posted in this thread as well and in YSL.

    Gucci: special edition bronze Brit in embossed GG leather w/ detachable shoulder strap. Also pictured in this thread.

    That is what I have so far! WIll keep you posted as I learn more!

    Feel free to call my SA, Lisa Hamlin if you have any questions or want to pre-order! Her number is (248) 635-8442:nuts:
    DSC01112.JPG DSC01158.JPG DSC01177.JPG DSC01188.JPG DSC01213.JPG
  3. I know Bottega Veneta is also doing an NM exclusive bag. Haven't seen pics - though there is a waiting list already!
  4. Here is the Chanel bag, still waiting for the info on the Bottega.
  5. This just in from the manager at my NM:

    Bottega is doing an exclusive anniversary bag for NM. It
    is an Ostrich hobo that retails for $6800. It has the signature woven
    leather detail that runs n/s thru the center of the bag. The color is
    beige. I would say if you were to mix ivory and camel together this would
    be the color you would get. Its gorgeous!!!
  6. Thanks jag for posting pics:flowers: ... we're going on holidays to the US in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping that I can see these NM LE bags IRL!
  7. The LE items will be in stores in August/Sept.

    Rumor has it that their brand new store in Natick, Massachusetts will have ALOT of the LE Items. The store opens in Sept.

    The shoes are going to be STUNNING.
  8. Thanks, Jag. I hope to see the BV limited edition bag for NM. It sounds so pretty. Some of the special bags are so limited, you'd have to be Mrs. Neiman herself to get one!
  10. ^^^I didn't even notice! Too busy giving my opinions on everything.........

    Thanks, oregonfanlisa!
  11. I've heard that in addition to that flat tote Gucci pictured in Jag's post, there will be two other bags in the same bronzy gold Guccissima leather. One is a hobo and the other is a flap bag.

    I also saw "matching" LE shoes at my NM. They're flats in the same bronzy gold leather, but NOT Guccissima print--just plain leather. Then there are interlocking "GG"'s at the top of the shoe--sorta reminescent of Tory Burch's Reva flats, but the interlocking GG's are made of leather.

    My cosmetics SA told me that NM's "official" anniversary is in October. So it sounds like things are slowly trickling into stores.

    Any other updates?
  12. Hi ladies,
    Thanks for all the info. I actually am waiting for a reply from their media department. I work for an online magazine so I really want to do something on this. Also, I am dying to get my hands on that B-bag in "Arena" with gunmetal HW. When I get some info I'll be sure to share.
  13. If anyone is interested, NM in San Diego said they will be getting the B-bag very soon, not in Sept. I was the first to put my name on the list, which was kind of surprising to me.
  14. hm.. not impressed. Same old except made from croc roadkill.