NM and BG after Christmas sale

  1. hi all, i saw from the NM website that they're doing an extra 25% off promotion on already reduced items.

    was wondering if any of you know whether BG will be doing something similar in the next few days?

    thanks a bunch and Happy Holidays!
  2. I went to BG's site and saw really good prices, then I decide to check NM and saw 25%, was so excited. Then I realize the Kooba I wanted, after the 25% off in NW was 1 dollar more than the sale price listed on BG now.
  3. Yea -- I'm comparing the same items on NM and BG, and with the 25% discount, the price is the same! :confused1: If I order from BG, I won't pay tax, so it's better...
  4. I agree!! It is better if you order from BG since their price is the same so most of us don't need to pay for tax upon orders from BG!!
  5. For some reason, the CS I'm talking to is telling me the sale starts AFTER Christmas and that she couldn't take the 25% Off for me right now??

    Is this right?