NM and BBags

  1. :love: Does anyone know if any of the NM stores carry Balenciaga Bags?
  2. NM in Plano, Tx and the one at the Houston Galleria has had them.
  3. San Francisco does, Beverly Hills does not....
  4. The NM at Tysons Galleria in Virginia just started carrying them in May.
  5. Thanks I am new to PF and I have seen so many beautiful Bbags oh here I decided I just have to get one. Thanks again for your help.:flowers:
  6. Neiman's in San Diego has them. The location in Newport Beach does not carry them.
  7. Short Hills, NJ and Tysons Corner, VA
  8. Bal Harbour, Florida does, Boca Raton, Florida does not.

    I wish you well,

  9. Scottsdale AZ has a lot.
  10. Welcome purse lover :flowers: we're glad you're here....and deciding to join the bbag obsession!!! :graucho:

    What style and color are you planning to buy??
  11. Welcome purse lover!!! I know my NM in Troy, MI, takes orders for them and sometimes has them on the floor.
  12. Neimans in jersey (the GSP) and white plains, NY (westchester mall) both carry Bbags :smile:
  13. King of Prussia, PA has them!
  14. :love: Thanks to all who replied. I called the NM in Scottsdale,AZ and they had a brown weekender so I decided on that one. I guess it was my lucky day because the SA told me it was marked $1385 but it rang up at $1275 so I got the loweer price apparently they had a price increase but it was not in the system yet. I can't wait for it to come. I did overnight shipping. I will get it Friday. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flowers:
  15. Um, the SA might have gotten that wrong, so don't be surprised if the bag you get is a Work instead of a Weekender. The Work bag used to be $1275 and the price went up to $1385. The new price on a Weekender is now more than $1400.