NM All Prada bags are 30% off with PRIVATE code

  1. OMG!! You're right!! :yahoo:
    I just bought the Vernice Gauffre Large Satchel in Black Patent and Tessuto Gaufre Large Satchel in Ivory. Both for 30% off!!! :party:



    The NM website was kind of tricky. When I clicked on Prada all I got were shoes. But when I entered "prada bag" in the search box, all the handbags magically appeared! Got my confirmation email but am keeping my fingers crossed! Hope it doesn't get cancelled! :p
  2. didnt do it for me. is there a code?
  3. Yes. The code was PRIVATE. It was a one day only event and expired at 24:00 May 8 :shrugs:
  4. that's too bad..thanks anyway.
  5. Damn it ! I wasnt on my computer last night.:cursing:

    I am so mad at myself....I missed some great price:crybaby:
  6. Darn! I've been eying a Prada bag on NM and didn't even think to try the code yesterday since Prada bag weren't on the designer list - just the shoes.
  7. Those are beatiful bags!


    I can't believe i missed this post!! i check tpf at least 3 times a day!!!!!!
  9. lucky girls! i wish i knew.
  10. OMG, I just saw this post! I even ordered from NM but didn't see the Prada bags listed!
    Oreocat & hk congratulations on your Great deals!
    Please post pics when they arrive.
  11. Geez! I was searching for Prada bags in NM Private Sale web page and all I saw were shoes. Wish I knew how to get the Prada bags to come up in the during the sale!! Anyway, congrats and please post pics when you get them!
  12. I have the same problem!! all I saw were shoes, and I got to the site really early.

    So, lucky girls, how did you get the Prada bags to come up??

    That belt bag is a real steal!!
  13. Drat!
  14. Double Drat!!!! I cleared all the Prada bags *out* of my shopping cart prior to checking out. Had I not done that... I would have scored massively!! :push:

    And the other thing that peeves me is that I did not check the PF before checking out... because of the timing issue - I went on around 10:45 or so and got nervous to check out before prices went back to reality. So I didn't browse tPF and shop like I usually do. Otherwise I would have seen this thread!!! TRIPLE DRAT!!!

    So when are we going to see these lovely Pradas that our buddies here at tPF scored on? :graucho: