NM $50 GC in the mail..Oct 14-17

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  1. Please check ur mailbox everyone. I got a $50 GC, no minimum purchase from Neiman Marcus to be used at the store only. It starts from Oct 14-17, 2010. Any1 got it? Plan to use it? I do, but I'm so busy that I might give to my sister if I can't go.
  2. I got one in the mail last week. I've been thinking about getting a AMQ scarf, so I'm excited.
  3. Are you all cardholders?
  4. I am.
  5. I haven't gotten one yet :sad:
  6. I'm not but I always got one. Not sure about this time around tho
  7. I'm not.
  8. I got one! I'm not near a NM though so I might give it to my friend.. do you know if you have to use a NM credit card if the balance is over $50?
  9. or AMEX or cash. Those were the only other two options I had. I really wish they accept other cards in store since they do it online.
  10. Did it come in a catalog? or in an envelope? I hope I did not throw mine away....ekkkk!
  11. I haven't gotten one and I've placed tons of orders with them lately. :pout:
  12. I got one :biggrin: And yes, im a cardholder.
  13. I never get my promotions until it is too late.... I hope I get one;) I wonder if SA's have these in store??
  14. i got one too :smile:
  15. I got one. I don't think you can use it on cosmetics, fooey.