NM 2.55 '08 update

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  1. Hi all,
    I just recevied an email from my SA at NM San Antonio.
    Here's what she says.....
    "Hi Ladies, I've tried getting a pre-liminery buy from our buying office for Spring 2.55 handbags since we do not have our look book yet. It appears that these are the 2.55 that I am getting at my store:

    *2.55 small classic in white and black crackled calfskin and aged light gold metal $2425
    *2.55 large classic in black and white crackled calfskin and aged light gold metal $2850
    *2.55 small classic in gold metallic crackled calfskin and aged light gold metal $2425
    *2.55 medium classic in silver metallic crackled calfskin and ruthenium $2695
    *2.55 large classic in dark navy metallic crackled calfskin with ruthenium $2850

    I'm confirming today that these are the items that we will be recieving at our store so I can guarantee you all these pieces if you all are interested in any of these sizes and colors. I will also find out today what other colors are in our buy that possibly are going to other stores. Let me know if there is anything that you all see."

    Call Stephanie at (210) 558-8000 ext 2134 or email her at scretaro17@aol.com.
    She's the best SA and will help you guys out for sure.

    Happy Shopping!!!!
  2. thanks for posting that bagmad; i was just about to do that for Steph, too. she's the best!!
  3. No purple:confused1: I am really hoping to be able to buy the purple reissue from NM, but I am glad I got on a boutique list as well just in case. Thanks for the update. All these tid bits are getting me excited for the new bags. And I thought my collection was complete as of the end of 2007:roflmfao: So much for my ban.
  4. Anyone know what the gold is going to look like?
  5. Hmmm... I think NM is getting the purple reissue... I don't think that's a complete list, because my SA also said that they've yet to meet with the buyers in reference to which reissue colors/sizes they're getting. :smile: Either way, my SA is letting me know as soon as she finds out for sure, (and I'll have to bug her too haha), but I bet I'll find out what's going on here first haha. :p

  6. Shar, I *think* it's the blingy light gold that's coming out... I hope I'm way off base though, because I know you want the dark gold!! :love: ;)

  7. What is crackled calfskin? Is that the same as caviar? TIA!
  8. I'm confused b/c I just got a quote from Chanel Las Vegas for the medium silver and they said it'll cost $3,295? NM actually has this cheaper?
  9. I am not sad that it is taking them a while to find out when the s/s items are coming out. I need a few more months to save up for that purple reissue.
  10. Hi Ladies, I haven't been on in so long b/c of the holidays. What was posted was not the complete buy for NM. Fieryfashonist you are correct that the complete list has not been given out yet so as soon as it is I'm sure it will get posted. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Minal! I guess I'll just have to keep looking for the 06 dark gold then... :girlsigh: ;)
  12. Hi! :smile: Nope, not the same. :p The dark silver reissue, metallic black reissue, light silver reissue, rose gold reissue, etc. are made from a crackled metallic calfskin. :tup:

  13. xoStephxo - Hi! :smile: Ohhh, okay, I thought so, but it's a relief to hear that from you! :p I can't wait until we know what the complete list is, because I pretty much buy all my bags from NM! :heart:
    Shar - Aww, I'm still looking for you girl!! :girlsigh: We'll find one, don't worry!! :love: Btw, I'll PM you soon... I can't wait to get you know what!! :heart: ;)

  14. If it is the same gold that I saw at a Chanel boutique, then it is blingy, not dark at all! ;)
  15. What's crackled leather? Does this kinda look like the distressed leather on the previous reissues?

    Also, the dark silver metallic, what HW does it have? Dull silver HW or shiny silver HW?