NM 100th Anniversary Scarf

  1. Neiman Marcus is celebrating their 100th anniversary this fall, and in honor of this, Hermes created a limited edition scarf. It is avaiable in an array of colors and is gorgeous. They have started to arrive at stores so take a look. NM San Antonio received the white and black but is still waiting on the pink.
  2. NM in Troy, Michigan has a bunch as well of both black and pink. (248) 635-8442.
  3. NM's in Boston (Copley Place) has them in black and pink. 617-536-3660.
  4. NM in Houston only has 3 left: 1 light pink, 1 black, and 1 orange. No fuschia or white ones left.
  5. I have seen the black and white one in the NM "the book" and w'd like to order it online. I haven't seen orange or pale pink or fuchsia. How do you all think about which color looks nicer IRL? TIA :yes:
  6. I bought the black and have ordered the white. NM Northbrook, IL. They had black, pink, and orange. Very pretty but not at all what I was expecting...I thought it would allude more to NM.
  7. I'm a 'pink' person so got the pale pink...it's larger than I expected but very pretty...
  8. Received the white one today--I think it's really pretty. My SA said it's a discontinued design that they brought back and added the NM part to it in honor of the 100th anniversary.
  9. Hi boxermom,
    Would you mind posting pics for references? I can't really decide which color to get. :confused1:
  10. Sorry for not getting back to this thread. Yes, I'll take some pics and post today.
  11. i got the orange! love it!
  12. Here are my poor attempts at photographing this beautiful scarf. The flowers arranged as horse and rider are simply gorgeous.

    Does anyone know if anniversary scarves are still available?
    HNMscarf.jpg HNMscarfcloseup.jpg HNMscarfcorner1.jpg HNMscarfcorner2.jpg
  13. Do you think NM would ship overseas?
  14. Yes, Neiman's ships overseas.
  15. its lovely!!