NM 100th Anniversary Scarf

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I went to NM's today and picked up the new anniversary Scarf. I got it in pink and it's so pretty.

    However, it did not come with a box. Shouldn't a box have come with it? I am going to call tomorrow to see if I can get one.

    Here are some pictures.

    IMG_0390.jpg IMG_0392-1.jpg IMG_0396.jpg IMG_0393.jpg
  2. so pretty!
  3. Lovely.
  4. Gorgeous!!! Yes, you should have got a box for it.
  5. Very nice! Congrats.... you wear it well...
  6. oh M - i love the scarf on you! so pretty!

    i chose the black one though, can't wait to get it!
  7. Looks gorgeous on you! And yes, definitely call NM- you should have gotten a box with yours!!!!
  8. Pink is a great color for you!!!
  9. Looks Beautiful!
  10. It looks lovely on you! I just received mine in black and it is just as stunning. Enjoy!
  11. WoW! Really beautiful!:heart: I would get the box!:wtf: ...That would drive me crazy!
  12. Mree, Beautiful scarf. :smile:
  13. Gorgeous scarf! It looks fantastic on you. Yes a box definitely!
  14. So pretty congrats !!
  15. Looks fabulous! I also chose the pink and yes, it came in a box! :tup: