NM 100th Anniversary Hobo

  1. I saw a bag in NM today similar to this style. It has the leather piece at the top of the strap, but then it's chain style down to the body. It came in a black suede, gray suede and a burgundy suede. It was $1195 (not bad for Prada!) style number BR3823. I totally LOVED this one, but not in SUEDE!:push:

    Well, I WAS going to ask if you guys has seen it at your NM or somewhere else in leather (nappa/deerskin) but I just called the SA while I was typing this: it's an exclusive commemorative Prada design for NM's 100th anniversary (same idea as the pink croco clutch) and ONLY comes in suede (burgundy, black and gray).

    I'm SO bummed. It's the perfect size, the price is tolerable and the details are adorable, BUT IT'S SUEDE! Just shoot me now.:crybaby:

  2. ITA about the suede! I would ruin it in a minute... It's a great bag, tho!
  3. ^^^Did you see it somewhere?
  4. Wow! I haven't seen that bag IRL but it sounds lovely! I wouldn't buy in suede either. The chains down the sides sounds TDF!
  5. It is lovely.
  6. The chains are what makes it. It's a KILLA bag. We need Padparasha to do some more covert photo shooting and catch this bag. The burgundy (prugna) really is beautiful!
  7. if it sells out fast-which is very likely I think-then maybe they will continue as a collection for NM
    ~wishful thinking
  8. WOW!! I love it too, but never in suede egad. why why why????
  9. UGH!!! Figures!!!! It will be a cold day in h*ll before I buy another suede bag again!!!!! I got rid of all mine..Just not worth it IMO.....!!
  10. suede isn't so bad! just treat it with a good protectant and everything should be ok!
  11. ^^^Not for me, brian! Nope, no way, nadda. And not for $1200 worth of suede!
  12. hahah...don't scare me! i have a suede nightingale on the way!! :ninja:
  13. Here are som photos, enjoy!!!
    IMG_1474.JPG IMG_1475.JPG IMG_1476.JPG
  14. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy suede??? This would SO be mine if it were leather! :crybaby:
  15. There are leather bags that are very similar to the suede style:tup:, maybe those would be a good choice