NM 100th Anniv. Exclusives

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  1. NM is celebrating their 100th anniversary this fall and there will be some Gucci Gold Guccisima pieces that are limited and exclusive to NM. They are all from the brit Collection and look amazing!!!!!! They have started to hit stores already:yes:
  2. Thanks, do you have any pics?
  3. Not yet, I will on Friday though.
  4. BAD news to my bank account :crybaby:

    Please please please please post pictures when you can :nuts:
  5. Must see this! Lisa Hamlin, of NM Troy Michigan (my favorite SA) just sent me pics of some of the bags that are being featured in NM's 100th Celebration. Gucci is one of the designers who has a limited design exclusive to NM to commemorate NM's 100th anniversary!

    It's a Gucci bronze Brit in embossed GG leather w/ detachable shoulder strap.
    (2 of them just came to NM today!)

    Here it is ladies! Enjoy!:nuts: Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested (248) 635-8442, remember there is a limited quantity of these!
  6. i thought this style existed already? :confused1:
  7. ^Yes, but not in this color guccissima leather
  8. That is so cute.
  9. I think I like it :nuts:
  10. WOW! Nice but that color is not for me.
  11. Solid Gold! This looks like something goldmember would have used in Austin Powers. It is amazingly beautiful. Definitely a head turner!
  12. i totally agree.
  13. Does anyone know the retail price of this NM bag?
  14. love it! But i couldnt pull it off:sad:
  15. There are other styles and acces that are inluded in the exclusives as well if the bag is too loud for you, the belt is really nice