NM 100 year bag..what to do

  1. Hello-
    I need some advice...NM has a 100yr limited bag coming out in blue and it's the city bag . I love the office bags but hey its a limited bag. I have read so many posts about various bags to have. What to do??? Also, I have just purchased a bag from eBay. On her page she shows the bag and states that its slightly used. I just got an email talking about a replica-cross your fingers. Its an apple green city bag and it must be real.
  2. Honestly, regarding the LE City bag? I was really excited about the blue when it first came out... and out of all of the GH - gunmetal would really be the only one I could rock out...

    However, after I thought about it for about a day, I decided I'm going to pass and put my effort into finding a lovely blue from an older season, or wait until SS08 to see what it brings... At the end of the day, I just really don't think the GH is for me... at all. :crybaby: I do love the way it looks, I just dress way too casually on a daily basis.

    So, my point is - don't sacrifice what you "know" works for you, for a bag that is LE... In the end, it stands a good chance of not getting as much use, especially in regards to size, if you are "used to" the work size. The city is going to seem really small to you.