NJ Outlets AC & Jackson

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  1. Ok so I thought I would start a new thread because the old one was kinda long.

    Here is a quick update before I go out and get drunk and forget everything lol.

    Jackson: Nothing as usual. One lindsay mini shopper and a metallic peyton.

    AC: Tons of bonnie stuff. Totes, wristlets, scarfs, and those straw/python/patent bags. Hamptons Archive all the regular ones. MFF straw hobos (I wanna say they were called mille when they were in boutiques but I know thats wrong). They had one madison girl tote, a few of those canvas archive bags that I bought. Zoes in all colors $99 for pouch, $199 for medium, $229 for large. No editorial that I saw. All kinds of zoe, penelope, bonnie, hamptons, and gold madison wallets. I may have forgotten a few but just ask if you have any questions and I imght be able to remember lol.
  2. love the update.... though I thought I would get to visit the AC outlet this August.... now I might not be able to make it ...oh well...still love to hear what's there !! just in case...
  3. Thanks K! We need to update as soon as we see any of those MFF turnlock totes in NJ! I need a black one.
  4. Thanks for the update donnalynn...good idea to start new thread :smile:
  5. Donna I looked for them in AC but I couldnt find any. All the SA's were busy so I cojujldnt really ask and the cashier was a jerk so I never bothered. I was gonna try jackson but I knew even if they had one they wouldnt sell it to me.

  6. LOL no kidding! Well someone said they werent supposed to be put out until August anyway, so I guess we'll just have to wait. I need to see it in person, though - I really love the look, just have to make sure its not too small and bucket-shaped, kwim? I may hit Jackson later this week to do a return so I'll check around again.
  7. I am scheduled to be in AC July 22nd or 23rd. I will definitely hit the outlet and will see what I can find out then. Does anyone have the style number of the MFF turnlock tote?
  8. Definatly check around! My mom is friendly with one of the SA's there. Next time she goes I'll tell her to ask.
  9. Anyone been recently?
  10. I was at Jackson on Monday, I think it was, when I got my coral Bonnie satchel. They had the same stuff - lots of the coral/fuschia Bonnie satchels, a few in the camel/tan color, lots of those Bonnie crossbody convertible bags, Zoes down to $199, lots of Bonnie accessories. A few pearlized green Peytons. Tons of sig Leighs still. Hmm, I think that was about it. No good scarves at all. Oh, and some 9.99 charms - pink poodle, a really big pink heart charm (very cute!), something else but I cant remember now.
  11. Has anyone seen any chocolate Zoes in Jackson lately? TIA.
  12. Ive been there twice in the past two weeks and didnt see any chocolate zoes. Last week they had more than the week before, including more of those woven ones, some berry patents, green patent, etc in the medium sizes, and they were down to $199.
  13. a couple weeks ago they had the chocolate zoes but they only had like 5 of them. Did you want sig or leather?
  14. KK, I was thinking of a ride to Seaside for the day. Is this outlet kind of on the way there or out of the way? If it's too far out of the way, I'd skip it.;)
  15. How are you getting here? If you go from seaside you can take 37 to s. hope chapel, left at the chapel hill deli, the left onto E. Veterans Hwy. Left onto Bowman rd, right onto Don Conner take that all the way to the end and make a right and your there. From there you can jump onto 195. I can give you better directions if you want. From seaside to outlets depending on traffic is about 30-45 minutes.