NJ meet or NY?

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  1. I am a NYer now living in central NJ...i just joined tpf. Are there any meetups coming up?? I'd love to attend. Does everyone just browse/shop together then do lunch or what?? Thx!:supacool:
  2. i hope some people show interest in a nj/ny event.
  3. Gabrielle,
    Well if they don't we could always meet up?? I am planning my first visit to an LV store soon...not sure if it will be NYC, Paramus or AC but would love someone else who is as into LV to shop with!! Whatcha think? Rach
  4. i live in nj and work in nyc. i'm always up for a meeting .. let me know !
  5. Funny i just got off the phone with LV in AC. I want to go there tomorrow to buy my first LV new (have a speedy 25 i bought pre loved) but not sure i will get there. If anyone wants to meet uo next weekend or the one after i could always buy a cles then and just drool a lot LOL I'd love to see your bags too. I could meet in nyc or short hills mall...not sure if there are other LV stores around. i just know i;m getting impatient for my new bag. LOL At least if it takes a bit to put a gathering together my bag will have some patina by then. How long does it take for a nice patina to begin?
  6. Id love a NJ meetup!
  7. i actually live closer to the short hills mall , around 30 mins. i live 2 hrs away from AC. if we ever do a meet in northern nj i would love it ...!
  8. I would love to get together. It seems like everyone else is always having all the fun at their get-togethers and NJ needs to have some fun too! I am about an hour from AC, although will consider other LV locations as well.
  9. Michelle is that your Bulldog?

    LuvKitaKisses do you have an Akita?

    Jill are they your Shiba Inus?

    We may have more in common than LV!!!
  10. Fellow tPFers, I have also started a PA/NJ thread since that may be workable for a get together too.

    I would like to pick a location that is best for all interested. Here are my drive times:

    Bala Cynwyd - 45 minutes
    King of Prussia - 50 minutes
    AC - 1 hour
    Short Hills - 1 hour, 50 minutes
    NYC - 2 hours
    Hackensack - 2 hours
    Paramus - 2 hours, 10 minutes
  11. hi .. no it's not my bulldog . its the one i want . i have been wanting an english bulldog for soo ong .i'm hoping to get one as my b-day present in august . i might even tell him to forget the LV ,i'd rather have the dog . i know crazy!!! :wtf:
  12. Not crazy at all. I can see it now an LV on one arm and a bulldog on the other!
  13. short hills please! :smile:
  14. Hi. I"m somewhat new here but I am not too far from Short Hills.
  15. WOW this thread has picked up since last i saw it!! I think i am an hr and a few min to either AC or Short Hills and i am only an hr and a half from NYC. It sounds like many would like Short Hills and that is fine with me!! If i drool (well i will at LV anyway) or talk babytalk it's b/c i don;t have many close friends around here, am mostly surrounded by my kids and their friends and a few other moms...but to go SHOPPING for MYSELF (not kids) with other ladies into the same stuff as me (my few halfway close friends since i moved here are not into purses at all sadly) I may well not know WHAT TO DO with myself. It sounds like dying and going to heaven to me right now. :smile::yahoo::crybaby:
    I too noticed the Shibas in the other ladies post...(just read fast have to go re read and learn names) too...yes Michelle i have 2 Akitas currently. I used to show and bred some lovely sweet champions and i have a show hopeful right now and 9 mo old male who ended up neutered at 5 1/2 mos after i had to get him surgery to repair entropian...so he is retired LOL What kind of dog do you have???
    Hey ladies it was taking forever to get to a store so i broke down (really wanted the fun of going to the store lol) and ordered my first brand new speedy 30 (monogram) last night off elux. I pd for express an i can;t wait to have it...but i will post all the fun details in a seperate thread LOL There are a couple accesories in my budget that i can totally buy during our excursion though :smile:
    I will be watching the thread more carefully now that it has picked up :smile: Yaye.