NJ Ladies Chanel Coming to NM at GSP

  1. I was there today and there were TONS of Chanel boxes being unpacked in the Prada nook. Not sure where they're putting them but the boxes were piled high.
  2. Thanks for that update. It will be great to have a new place to shop and browse.
  3. Thanks for the update! Just wanted to make sure I got the location correct....by GSP do you mean Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ?
  4. yes my SA called me to tell me about this a few days ago, she said they had them in a private room now and i think you can purchase now....i havent made it there yet
  5. I was there for the NM Incircle night (last thursday night). They had them upstairs in the Personal Shoppers area. For some odd reason they weren't allowed to take them out, but rather had them on shelves, but you could buy them.

    They had some flaps, GST, and a large cambon tote black on black. A lot of the classics.

    They don't even have the Chanel counter up there yet, I wish they would hurry. It will be so nice to have this long awaited Chanel counter available in Bergen County. I know they thought they'd have the Chanel counter in place in October November, but they are so slow. Can't wait to have this new counter!
  6. interesting... shorthills is much closer for me but occasional trips to garden state plaza is always fun!!!

    thanks for the info~!!!:tup:
  7. Yes