Nj Handbag Shoppers @ Gsp~ Does Anyone Remember The Lovcat Store?

  1. Garden State Plaza shoppers, do you recall the LOVCAT handbag/wallet store? I know it no longer exists there, but does anyone know where I can find them? I'm totally PMS-ing, and am completely fixated on getting this LOVCAT wallet I saw on Yahoo-Korea!?!!
  2. i DO remember that store!
  3. I remember the store. lower level not far from LV's. Did you ask mall for forwarding info? Good luck
  4. I never shopped at the store when it was there. And now look~
  5. Don't know if this helps, but i think they sell Lovcat on HSN or QVC? I never knew they had a stand alone store. Plus, I think I might have seen some one time at Nordstrom?
  6. I saw some wallets by them at the Nordstroms sale after Christmas. This was in California, but if you have a Nordstroms near you check there.
  7. ebags.com sells lovcat...
  8. Thank you~ just checked out ebags, and didn't see what I saw on Yahoo.Kr, but they do have a variety! Since there was was retail store, I thought maybe there'd be another one, but o'well. Thanks. Nordstrom here I come~
  9. Here is the web site for lovcat. I have two wallets by them, one I picked up in Nordstroms and the other from Smartbargins.