Nizlay, is this your Julie in poudre

  1. Thanks raz. Yes, that does look like it, but what is up with the price? I'm worried about the light colour. Every pic I see makes it look different.
  2. everyone seems to pink poudre is a great colour. i dont think its too light. the price does seem alot. if you are worried about it you could get the smaller one from matches. they have 15% off if you order online on tuesday, and when i spoke to them they assured me i could return it if the bag wasnt suitable.............
  3. Matches have 15% off on Tues? Is that off everything do you think?
  4. i think its just handbags . i could be wrong. when i spoke to the SA yesterday she was very honest and told me to wait. which i think is very good of her. maybe you could phone and see.
  5. Wow, that was very nice of her. I've only ever ordered from them once before but I did it over the phone as it was something out of their lookbook. I must say they were very nice and efficient. Thank you so much for that good news. With that discount and the VAT back it doesn't seem half as bad! Have you decided what to get?
  6. i havent decided yet. im going to ring round tomorrow as soon as i get the kids to school. how do you get the vat back?
  7. I'm in the Middle East, so I am entitiled to VAT refund. The thing is though that I get charged customs duty when I get it shipped to me, which is a pain because thats not the case if I go to the shop and buy it myself.
  8. You could try ringing Browns. I remember when I went in to their South Molton Street shop they had many bags that were not listed in their online shop.
  9. oh sorry, i thought you were in the UK. i didnt know matches sent internationally. let me know what you decide to do, and ill keep you posted on my decision., which i hope will be easier after tomorrow!!!
  10. Sorry for confusing you! Yes, Matches do ship internationally and they charge better shipping rates than the boutiques! Good luck tomorrow deciding. I'll wait till Tues...if I had any sense I'd just keep my credit card in my wallet! Let me know if I can help in any way. Its been lovely 'chatting'
  11. youve been loads of help. thanx