Nivea Cherry tinted lip care.......

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  1. I was at the drugstore and I saw a display of all these different colors which caught my eye....I am such a product addict. Anyway, I am such a chapstick/ lipgloss girl since lipstick dries out my lips too much. I bought this stick called A Kiss of Flavor which comes in a few shades (I got the cherry). This stuff is moisturizing...with a hint of color...and I believe it was under $3.00. Anyone else see these or have them?
  2. I love them! I'm happy that they finally hit the US market. I used them back in Japan and you're so right about them being super moisturizing. Love the fat tubes, too. I'm gonna have to go get one when I run out of Burt's Bees.
  3. Can you post a photo or link to what they look like? What drugstore did you purchase -and what section?

  4. Ok hang on...
  5. Here it is. It comes in 3 colors I think........

    Oh and I got it at Brooks Pharmacy. Not sure if those are everywher e or just around here.

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  6. I bought one as well! My friend has the non-nivea (they are owned by the same company) one she bought in Costa Rica-- I can't remember the brand name but she was all excited to see them sold here.
    I like them a lot-- very smooth, smell nice and a hint of color.
  7. I saw this in a mag. add and wanted to try em out. I think I will next time I'm out and about. Too bad I didn't see them at walmart today.
  8. I love it because I am always putting on chapstick and it's nice to have one that gives a hint of color - and you can put on a lot and it's never a "heavy" color. And it's Nivea so you know it's actually good for your lips.

    The only downside is when I looked in the mirror it was more of a "matte" look than the usual glossy/ shiney one I like.
  9. Thank you BagLadie - I'm going to check CVS next time I'm there!
  10. So I purchased this in the cherry flavor and i'm IN LOVE! Red stain and moisture!
  11. I love these, the only problem is that when I find them--need to stock up-- it's like the empty cardboard container bc they are all sold out. Maybe I should look on
  12. Get it in Strawberry, the colour is TDF (a light sweet red) and it is glossy (i.e. non-matte finish).
  13. I love these , they are as addicting as Burts Bees. Who doesnt love lip balm though??:biggrin:
  14. Hmm, I might have to try one, I hate trying new stuff but this is worth it right? :0 :smile:

  15. Def worth it, my dear.