Nitro and his friend Nate go for a swim!!

  1. I have posted a few pictures/stories of Nitro, my black lab, here before. You all may remember he is the dog that is afraid of the wood floors, never barks, and thinks a chihuahua is bigger than him :amuse:

    Well, our neighbors got a Yellow Lab recently and somehow Nitro is not scared of him!! It is his very best friend in the whole world. He gets SO excited if he sees Nate being walked, and typically, Nate then pops in the backyard to join Nitro for a swim.

    Here are some pics I snapped of them on their play date- absolutely adorable!!!!! Just thought I would share :heart::tup:
    DSC00912.jpg DSC00915.jpg DSC00921.jpg DSC00902.jpg
  2. Awww so cute! Looks like a great way to spend the day in the summer.
  3. OMG adorable ! What lucky pups :smile:
  4. They really are the cutest when they play!!!
  5. awww I'm glad he has a new friend!!! So cute. :smile:
  6. Cute dogs! I love labs.
  7. That is so cool! I am glad Nitro found a play date!!! They are going to be best friends ever!!!
  8. AWwwwwwwwwww cutest.dogs.EVER! :heart::heart::heart: I have a huge soft spot for labs, I've had 2 when I was younger, they are AWESOME!
  9. Thanks guys!! He really is the cutest dog EVER!! :heart: :girlsigh:
  10. awww! I LOVE him! Those pics are adorable!!!
  11. Awww! :love: I love doggie friendships lol!
  12. they look cute... and look like they have a fun time playing together....
  13. They are so cute!! It is cool that he has a friend to play with.
  14. They're so cute! I love that one is black, and the other is yellow.
  15. How sweet is that! Perhaps you all need to adopt Nate! He belongs with your family! So glad your baby Nitro is happy!!!!