Nitpicky about red

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  1. I know only you ladies can answer this. :smile:

    I really want a red classic clap with GHW.

    I don't care if its caviar or lambskin.

    But I'm looking for the stop-sign red, the lipstick red -- the red that many of the really old vintage red Chanel bags are, but I have yet to see one new. The new red is nice, but it has more burgundy tones and is not what I need. I need more oomph than that.

    Do any of you know if the red I am looking for has a name? Is it even made anymore? @ my local boutique, in Boston, they carry very limited bags ... most are black, camel or white. My two SAs are nice, but haven't been very helpful on this one. They insist that the current red is the same red as always.

    I disagree, but I am too shy to push them any further.

    I just thought if you guys could give me some background, maybe I could go in there this weekend a more knowledgeable consumer.


  2. There have been so many reds made over the years and they all have different color codes. I think the red you seek, same as practically every other Chanel lover, is the 2005 red.
  3. sounds like the 2005 red to me too, holygrail list in almost all the ladies here I think...
  4. Makes me wonder "where the heck was I in 2005" that I did not get one! was I in a coma or something?
  5. Luccibag: In 2005, I was a wild girl who only interested in gunshooting games.
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    You want clap??? I don't think you will find it in Chanel maybe on the streets!!!:lol:

    (Sorry-could not resist the temptation to make a joke)
  7. In 2005 the Cambon bags were all of the rage and then the Commemorative Reissue. I think the red classic flap didn't hit our radar.
  8. Yes that is true. Cambon bags did open my eye to Chanel though and then I helped myself to the reissues. I do remember assuming that the red flap would always be there. I wasn't aware of how Chanel does things. Red seemed like a good basic color to have as a permanent color.
  9. Back in March of 2005, I had the opportunity to purchase the 2005 medium classic caviar flap. It was there in my hands, holding it, and SA was about to wrap it up for me, but then I chose a RTW jacket and matching ballerina slippers. Well, I guess, I wasn't really into the 2005 then or I could had bought it. And back then it was dirt cheap.
  10. Ahh, yes, the HG of all HGs as far as reds go... 2005 red!! :girlsigh: ^Omg, Sophie, really?! :nuts: I'm sure your jacket/ballet flats are gorgeous! :smile:

    I stupidly passed on an e/w and kicked myself over it for so long... I finally managed to track one down two years later and was beyond ecstatic!! :cloud9: I would still kill for an '05 red caviar Jumbo though! :love:
  11. Ah, yes, Shoulda woulda coulda! LOL.

    Im yet to see someone with a red 05 jumbo besides MK Olson though.

  12. Well, I thought it was too red for me. But now looking back, I begin to think it's the ideal red. :Push: Oh well, what can you do now. I keep convincing myself that I don't really need it and don't love it. :jammin:
  13. i really hate when chanel SAs lie. i went into the Chanel Madison Ave. boutique a month ago to look at the 2009C red, and expressed disappointment that it wasn't brighter. An SA told me that the red I was talking about, the 2005, was never made into production except for a few staff members who have since sold them to the public.

    I thought that was weird since I was pretty sure the 2005 red was available for SALE even though I missed it in stores. i really don't understand why she had to make up a story like that.
  14. Thanks for all your help.

    I guess I'm out of luck!

    There's a seller on eBay with a vintage 1990s "stop sign red" jumbo, which I like, but she's asking SO much for it. The price is more than a new jumbo ... and it seems to have a major bulge on the side, besides.

    I guess that color is really in demand if a vintage one can sell for so much.

    I'll keep dreaming.

  15. Maybe the SA wasn't lying? I don't think I have ever seen the elusive '05 red caviar jumbo except the MK one. Maybe MK has the only one?

    And for those of us who are seeking this elusive '05 red jumbo, have you seen it IRL? I know Minal has the E/W and has been dreaming of the jumbo :wlae:, and Sophie let hers get away, but I'm wondering if the rest of us would actually love it when we get our hands on it. Maybe it's just the chase?

    I had the '05 E/W and sold it because it was too fuschia cool for me. I have the '07 and '09 red, but the '07 is a bit too tomato red and the '09 is bit too deep red, so I'm still dreaming of my ideal lipstick red Chanel caviar jumbo. :drool: